PERMIT CENTER UPDATE - Change to intake process - PLEASE READ

  • Clark County Community Development Permit Center is conducting virtual meetings using Microsoft Teams.
  • To apply for a permit, please follow the steps below:
    1. Online application submittal is required for all projects and any initial submittal fees must be paid.
    2. Create an online account in LMS or sign in to your existing account
    3. Create a new permit
    4. UPLOAD your documents (you MUST do this step before paying or submitting or we will not be able to process your permit)
    5. Pay the applicable fees
    6. Submit the permit for processing
  • Please email to make a virtual appointment for your submittal. A meeting link will be sent to you.
  • Online application submittal is required for all projects and any initial submittal fees must be paid.
  • You must drop off all submittal documents one day prior to your virtual appointment, in paper form, with permit center staff. The permit center is open M-F from 8am-2pm to accept submittal and revision documents.

For permit process assistance please email or call 564.397.4078
For technical assistance please email or call 564.397.2347


  • There is no change to current process. Please follow directions to upload application and plans unless instructed otherwise by staff.
  • If you have questions regarding Land Development applications you can email those departments

Development Engineering:
Land Use:
Planning Technician:
Wetland Habitat Review:


  • Pre-Application Conferences (for Annual Review only), Annual Review, or Comprehensive Plan (Type IV) changes:
  • You must create an LMS account before applying for any cases
  • You must email the completed application to to have your PAC or Annual Review case created
  • A staff member will email a case number, fee sheet and application summary to you

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